Friday, April 22, 2011

The Bleeding Edge: "Rissa Delicate" by Finesmith Designs

Within the next week, Yula Finesmith of Finesmith Designs will release several sets inspired by Rissa Friller, Miss Finesmith Stylista 2011.  The set pictured below, "Rissa Delicate," contains an eye ornament, collar, bracelets, necklace (not pictured), and earrings (not pictured).  As with all jewelry from Finesmith Designs, "Rissa Delicate" includes a color and texture change menu that provides the user with TONS of options for customization.  Below I paired "Rissa Delicate" with "Lord Gear," a steampunk formal suit designed by Lexi Vargas of Brocade Tiger exclusively for SL Art Couture's Claim The Fame project.  Enjoy!

Shape: Custom
Skin: Subaru
Cosmetics:  A'VION
Hair:  Gritty Kitty
Eyes: L. Fauna
Outfit:  Brocade Tiger
Pose:  Body Talking
Model & Photographer: Sy Whitesong

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