Friday, June 17, 2011

Seen On The Scene: "Virtual London Fashion Week" by Elegancia

I made it to the Finesmith Designs show during Virtual London Fashion Week, and Federica Galtier of Elegancia put on an amazing show!  All of the models were mermaids/mermen frosted with Finesmith Designs jewelry.  P.S.  Mermaids are a royal pain in the butt to photograph, because of their stupid swimmy AOs (just FYI).  Here are the 5 usable shots that I was able to salvage from the 30 or so unusable shots of nothing but fin.  =P

Anna Sapphire

Draakje Dailey

Leandra Breen

Pily Whitesong (long lost sister!)

Yxism Exonar

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